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What is a TXT record?
Posted by Devon Roberts on 05 June 2015 04:47 PM

TXT Records hold free form text of any type. A domain name can have many TXT records. The common uses for TXT records are Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys (DK), and DomainKeys Identified E-mail (DKIM). TXT records have historically also been used to contain human readable information about a server, network, data center, and other accounting information.


Field Description

Name This will be the host name for the record, typically a computer or server within your domain. It is important to note, the domain name is automatically appended to the “Name” field of the record. For example, defining in DNS would be creating an A record with the name field of “www” within the domain. If the “Name” field is left blank, it represent the root record of the domain. The root record for the base domain can also be referred to as the apex record and is represented in a @ symbol in some documentations.

Value Free form text data of any type which may be no longer than 255 characters unless divided into multiple strings with sets of quotation marks.

TTL The TTL (Time to Live) in seconds is the amount of time the record will cache resolving name servers and in web browsers. The longer the TTL the less frequent remote systems will lookup the DNS record and the less query traffic the domain receives. The shorter the TTL the faster DNS changes propagate in servers that have cached data, however the higher the volume of query traffic the domain receives.
Recommended values:
Records configured with Failover or that change often should have TTL’s set anywhere from 180 to 600 (3 to 10 minutes cache).
Records that are static and don’t change often should have TTL’s set between 1800 (being on the low end) to 86400 seconds (30 minutes to 1 day cache).
If a change is needed for a record with a high TTL, the TTL can be lowered prior to making the change and then raised back up again after.


TXT Record Tutorial

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