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You are not allowed to transfer to a free trial account. We had too many abusive transfers to a trial account and then back to other accounts (just as a holding account for a few minutes) and then back out to trial accounts for the whole month. Basically ...
There are multiple ways to import your records into DNS Made Easy. - Import the records by zone file - Import the records by AXFR
The Real Time Statistics feature gives you the ability to view which of your records are being queried from which one of our PoPs in near real time. This is a feature that is unique to DNS Made Easy and in a few months we will be adding the ability for u...
When you are creating a SRV record many tutorials ask you to break apart the "service" and "protocol". When in actual reality you only have a "name" for each record within DNS. So you would want to combine the service and protocol in your name field. Ex...
Netgear DDNS client
DNS Made Easy has an external help website located at []
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