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DNS Failover for Web Server

DNS Failover keeps sites and web services online in the event of system or network issues. This is done by moving DNS traffic from one IP address to another IP address that you have running at another location.

Failover is most commonly used to move traffic off of an unhealthy web server, and redirect it to a preconfigured backup web server.

When configuring your backup server(s), we recommend that you host your backup(s) on a different provider or in a different location than your primary server.

DNSME Failover

DNS Made Easy’s failover service has a fifteen-year history of keeping domains online guaranteed. Past studies have revealed that DNSME failover saved businesses an estimated $525 million in revenue in one quarter alone.

Technical Specs:

  • Only available for A records
  • 3 monitoring locations
  • 2-4 minute monitoring intervals
  • Downed IP addresses are verified by multiple locations before failover events occur
  • Will not monitor 2nd or 3rd IP addresses until the 1st is verified as down

If you need more advanced Failover functionality, check out our new product Constellix.


Included in Business and Corporate memberships. Additional checks can be purchased for $4.95 / year.

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