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Getting started

New to DNS Made Easy? Please follow this step by step guide to get set up.

1. Get your free month of service

Please go to and click on Start Free Trial. From the free trial page, select Start Your 30 Day Trial.

2. Signing Up

Within the Create an Account page, fill in all of the required information. Please make sure to add a company name and phone number so that we can contact you if there is ever a risk of your account expiring as we do not want you to experience any downtime. It is also important that you verify the email and check it regularly to avoid any service disruptions.

From there Managed DNS page, you will need to select the option to Add Domains.

Clicking this will bring up a menu. Within this menu, you will type the FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names) that you would like to add within our system. Here you can apply Templates, Vanity NS, Custom SOA, Zone Transfer (AXFR ACL), Folder or Record Import from a template if you have them configured. These options, however, are not necessary and can be ignored while getting started if they are not needed.

If you have added multiple domains, this will take you to the Modify Multiple Domains Menu which you can use to make changes to all of the domains you are adding at once. For now, we will bypass this menu and go to the first domain that we want to add records to by selecting it on the Select Domains menu

Step 4: Adding Records

There are several record types in which we can add, which I will list below, but for now, I will show adding the most common record type: The A Record.

Click the + icon within the A Records box

This will bring up a box where you input your desired record values.

A) Enter a name for the record. Leave the name blank if you want the record to resolve for the root of your domain. 

B) Enter the IP address you want your A record to point to. 

C) Enter a TTL in seconds

D) Click the Submit button to save your changes.

From here on, I will leave you with a link to the tutorials for all of the records and how to create them within our system.

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