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Transferring DNS service from Nettica to DNS Made Easy

This tutorial covers importing your DNS zones from Nettica to DNS Made Easy through AXFR (a direct name server to name server zone transfer).

An important point to make note of prior to beginning the import is regarding Nettica Forward Records. This is not a standard DNS record type, this is a Nettica specific value that indicates an HTTP Redirection configuration. Since this is not a standard record type it can not be imported as configured. These records will import as A records which will need to be deleted and then have HTTP Redirection records manually configured in their place. To create an HTTP Redirection record in DNS Made Easy, please see the tutorial here.

Step 1: Log into your Nettica control panel

Step 2: Create a new group by going to "DNS" then selecting "Manage Groups" then click "new group"

Step 3: Define the Zone transfer rule in a template. Click on "XFR" to create a new zone transfer rule, then enter the DNS Made Easy Zone Transfer IP’s (, click “Save”.

Step 4: Add domains to the group. Select the “DNS – Manage Groups” menu then Click “add domains to group”. Next select your domains, click “Move”, then click “Done”

Important Note: If you have domains assigned to multiple groups you will need to edit the existing groups independently. At this step, you would only update domains which are not assigned to any group. Domains which are assigned to other groups would need to be assigned an AXFR rule by adding it to the existing groups.

Step 5: Select the “apply template” link to apply the template to the domains in the group then select the domains and click “Apply Now”

Step 6: Access DNS Made Easy – Create and Import your domains. Select the “DNS – Managed DNS” menu, and click “Add Domains”

Step 7: Enter your domain names one per line. Open the “Advanced Settings” tab and select “Record Import – Import from a name server”. Paste the Nettica import IP address:

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