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Converting Secondary zones to Managed DNS

Please note, this tutorial should only be used if you already have the Secondary DNS domain successfully synced with your primary name server and you are ready to make the switch from secondary to primary in our system. 

1. Select Managed DNS

2. Click "Add Domains"

3. Enter your Domain Name(s) and import zone by DNSME Secondary AXFR IPs
Enter your Domain Name(s) one per line, select Advanced Features>Record Import>Import from the name server (AXFR). Click “Ok”. The domain will be imported with records in Managed DNS.
Note: Internationalized domain names should be entered using Punycode and Name Server IP should be one of our AXFR IPs entered:,, or

4. Delegate assigned name servers to the registrar

This step can be viewed by our previously made tutorial View Assigned Name Servers

Note: Please delegate DNSME's primary name servers before deleting the domain within the previous DNS provider's account and secondary domain in our system (72 hours)

5. Remove the Secondary DNS domain

This step would have to be completed after 72 hours after you have added the domain into Managed DNS since name servers are cached for 24 hours. You will also have to remove the old primary DNS provider as well and wait 72 hours before deletion for both primary and secondary. This is to prevent any downtime during the process of switching from secondary DNS to primary DNS.

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