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Add Notification Groups and Contacts for Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection



To receive instant notifications for unusual domain activity you need to set up a contact group. This tutorial shows you how to set up contacts for Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection (RTTAD).


  • A domain has been added to your DNS Made Easy account

How to Create Contact Groups For  Real-Time Traffic Anomaly Detection

1. Navigate to the Analytics Dashboard

Once logged into the DNS Made Easy dashboard, click the option for Query Logging from the left-hand menu to access the Analytics platform. 

At the login prompt, enter your username and password.

2. Navigate to the RTTAD Portal

Once logged in to Analytics, click on any of the  + icons under the Anomaly column to enter the RTTAD portal.

3. Click on the Contacts button

In the Anomaly Detection portal, click the orange Contacts button.

4. Add and Name Group

Click on the Add Group button in the Manage Anomaly Contacts section.

5. Name Your Group

Click on the pencil icon to name the group and then press enter to populate the name.

6. Save Group

Created groups will populate in the left column below the Add Group button.

7. Add Notification Contacts

Once a group has been established, you will need to add contacts to the group. Multiple emails can be entered following the steps below.

Note: At this time, emails must be entered one at a time.

A. Click on the Add Contact button from the Contacts in Group section on the right.

B. Press the link for Click to enter email contact and fill in the field with the email.

C. Click on the Save button.

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