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Activity Log

    The activity log is a very useful tool that we integrated into the control panel, it allows you to see every change that has happened in your account all the way down to who made a change, when they made it, what record or domain they edited and even what the old records were after they have been deleted. This can be very useful for when a mistake (we all make them) is made or if another user makes changes you weren't aware of.

    To view the Activity Log, log into your DNS Made Easy Control Panel and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a small blue button that says View activity log. Note: Only the primary user on the account can view the activity log and the primary user of the account must give sub-users access/permissions to view the activity logs.

A. Timestamp - Tells you exactly when a change was made (UTC time)
B. Category - Tells you if the change was made to a managed zone, secondary zone or template
C. User - Tells you which user/sub-user logged in to make the change (Administrator is only for DNS Made Easy staff, you would see your own username)
D. IP - Tells you what IP the user signed in from. This can be helpful to tell if it was really you who logged in to make the changes
E. Action Description - Tells you generally what happened, whether a domain was created or deleted, if a record was updated, etc.

F. Old Value - probably the most useful section, if you accidentally delete an entire domain or the wrong record, you can go back through the activity log and see the exact values for each deleted record
G. New Value - Tells you what the new value for the created/updated record is
H. Value Changes - A simpler way of seeing what changes were made when a record is updated.

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