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Import Template Records to a Domain

Learn the fundamentals of creating, modifying, and applying templates to domains within your DNS Made Easy account. Templates allow you to apply a custom set of records to a group of domains without having to add or modify them individually. 

Step 1: Select the DNS Menu, then select "Managed DNS"

Step 2: Select a domain from the "Recently Updated Domain" box or start typing the domain into the text box on the "Select Domain" tab.

Step 3: Select to Import records by clicking on the Import Records tab.

Step 4: Choose the template to import from. You can choose to check the "Replace Existing Records" check box which will delete all current records in the domain and replace them with only the records in the template. Or, you can leave this blank which will keep your current records and add the new ones from the template.

Step 5: Click Save.

Step 6: Click on the "Bulk Select" tab.

Step 7: Click "Search" for a listing of all domains or specify your search criteria. 

Step 8: Select Domains and click on "Select Checked"

Step 9: Click the "Settings" tab, then from the "Applied Template" drop down menu, select the template.

Step 10: Click save.

Step 11: To assign a template to a domain name at creation, select the "DNS" menu, then select "Managed DNS"

Step 12: Click on "Add Domains" then enter the Domain name. Then select the template from the "Applied template" drop down menu.

Step 13:  Click Ok.

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